Monday, March 22, 2010

Big day tomorrow for Cliff Lee

Lee is expected to throw for the first time since his injury.  We will see where this goes as it could mean we won’t see Lee until May or we see him shortly after the 5 game suspension. 

I had a chance to listen to today’s game.  Snell took the mound and is having issues with getting people out. I am a Snell fan and happy that he is experiencing these issues in Spring.  He can deal with them, work on them and have his head straight when April rolls around.  I am not too concerned.  If these issues carry over into May and throughout the summer, I don’t think we will keep him around.

It appears that Lopez will play third and Figgins, second.  Apparently, Lopez is becoming more and more comfortable with the hot corner.  With the range that Figgins presents, and the partnership with Josh Wilson, the center infield will present a large challenge to ground balls. 

Fantasy draft is a week away!

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