Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fantasy draft complete

Thus begins the need to have my league page always up when my computer is on.  Here is how my draft turned out last night.

No. Draft order Name
1 7 Ryan Howard
2 10 Roy Halladay
3 23 Matt Kemp
4 26 Ian Kinsler
5 39 Zack Greinke
6 42 Mark Reynolds
7 55 Curtis Granderson
8 58 Josh Johnson
9 71 Carlos Lee
10 74 Andre Ethier
11 87 Ricky Nolasco
12 90 Chad Billingsley
13 103 Kurt Suzuki
14 106 Jair Jurrjens
15 119 Francisco Cordero
16 122 Asdrubal Cabrera
17 135 Ryan Madson
18 138 A.J Burnett
19 151 Scott Kazmir
20 154 Jason Heyward
21 167 Jorge De La Rosa


A lot of talent, since we have only 8 teams.  The Free agent market looks fairly rich, especially for starting pitching.  Here is the breakdown of my decision process.

Howard and Halladay were my “keepers” from last season.  I have been able to keep them both on my team for three out of the last four seasons.  Halladay is a bit of a risk as this is his first time in the NL. 

Kemp had a great season last year and was on my watch list.  I think the Dodgers should do well offensively this year, that is why I have two of them.  Ethier has been fairly consistent for me in the previous two seasons.

Kinsler was a bit of an uneducated grab as he is going to start the year on the DL.  I was unaware of this when I took him.  Not a huge deal, but need to have that move take place sooner rather than later so I find an adequate replacement.

Greinke was a risky pick this early for me.  I still find it hard to believe that the Cy Young winner last year plays for the Royals.  I hope he is able to pickup from last year’s outstanding season.

Reynolds and Granderson can do great things at the plate, as long as they hit the ball. Both have high strikeout rates which is a risk when going after HR and RBI numbers, generally.

Josh Johnson I have been watching for awhile now.  I think he could be the NL Cy Young winner very soon, let’s hope for 2010.

Carlos Lee is generally consistent, but is nursing some nagging issues.  So, to back him up, I have acquire the hot prospect from Atlanta in Jason Heyward.  Time will tell if that pays off, or he is sent down to mature a bit more. 

Ricky Nolasco and Chad Billingsley are decent pitchers that should get between 10-13 wins this year. 

Suzuki is a great hitting catcher and is aggressive at the plate.  He should do well with about 75 RBIs and an average around .280.

Jurrjens and Cordero are returning to my lineup due to their success last year.  Jurrjens is one of the many strong young pitchers the Braves offer and Cordero is a great closer even if he does play for the Reds.

Madson is taking over the closer role while Lidge works his way back from surgeries.  With the Phillies set to return to the playoffs, if not the world Series, always good to have a couple of them on your team. 

A.J. Burnett because I think having a Yankee pitching is not necessary a bad thing, even if you don’t like the team.  Same reason as above.

Kazmir is going to be part of a strong 5 man rotation for a team that should win the AL West for yet another year.

I usually try to avoid Rockies, especially pitchers, but I could not pass on Jorge as my last pick.  I am hoping that last season was not a fluke.

That's about it.  I won’t make any unnecessary moves prior to the start of the regular season.   As always, it will be interesting to see how many of these players are on my roster in October.

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