Thursday, March 04, 2010

MLB app for iPhone

Recently, MLB released their iPhone app for the 2010 season.  Here is my brief review about it.

For the first time, I want the iPhone to multi-task, without jail breaking it.  This is the only app that I have cared enough about to keep this running will checking email or doing other things.  They do allow a feature called “background audio” that closed the MLB app and opens your radio stream via Safari in a QuickTime player  According to what the player tells me, this will allow for multi-tasking.  I tried this for a spring training game and it did not work, apparently because of the feed.  I will try again as we get closer to the regular season and report back for all of those dying to know.

They did raise the price of the app by $5.  Not a huge fan of this, but I buy the radio version every year and that is $15, so this kills 2 birds with 1 stone as I can listen on both my iPhone and my home computer. 

All the other features, so far, seem to be status quo.  Last year, they allowed this version the ability to watch two pre-chosen games (blackout rules still applied).  It was nice, and the video was not bad.  I do not know if this option still applies this year. 

Outside of email and GasCubby, this was my most used application last year.  I am sure the same could be true this year.  However, Yahoo is finally making a Fantasy Baseball app.  That might be my #1 used app by seasons end. 

All in all, I would recommend this application for those of you that want to listen to more than just your home town team when you are home.  Or, to listen to your home town team when you are on the road or live outside your favorite team’s radio reach.

It would be awesome if app developers could do this also for minor league teams.  Not sure if this is a licensing issue with MLB or with the host radio station, but I would listen to some games.  It is my thought, that baseball is one of, if perhaps the only game that radio broadcasts can be better than television. 


Bill said...

You don't want to run this in the background with Google Navigation up front? Oh... yeah... Sorry :D

Josh said...

I should have blocked all Droid users from commenting on this post ;)