Thursday, March 04, 2010

Opening day! (well, kind of)

Yesterday was the first game of Spring training!  I was only able to catch the first inning and the seventh inning between meetings.  It was a bit of a offensive affair, with 6 runs being scored in the first inning alone.  We had Fister on the mound, while the Giants countered with my favorite hippy pitcher, Lincecum. 

Ichiro and Figgins lived up to their ability as a great 1-2 punch at the top of the order.  The board game company was also able to get on, while Griffey brought in a run with a deep sac-fly in the first.  One thing I did not realize is that having Figgins and Bradley in the 2-3 slot puts a fair amount of patience back to back.  Expect each of these batters to see somewhere around 6-9 pitchers per at bat.  That could really play well to wear down starting pitching early in a game. 

We ended up losing the game 8-7, but who really cares.  At this point, I would rather lose all Spring games and come into the season with the knowledge that was absorbed in Spring.

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