Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cliff Lee to start on Friday

For what should be a near sell out on Friday against the Rangers, Cliff Lee will make his Mariner debut.  For those Texas fans that read this blog, Ian Kinsler will also be returning for the Rangers.  We hope the bats also show up to welcome Cliff Lee.  Texas will be throwing the hot Colby Lewis at the Mariners.  This could be a great game to watch. 

Last night, we saw how a bull pen can ruin a great start.  Zack Grienke had us on the ropes for 7 innings.  It was not until the call to pen was made that the Mariners were able to get something going.  Also had a bit of luck with a bad bounce, but who counts that.

We are only a few days away from May.  With wins today and Friday, we achieve my wish of .500 for April.

I am starting to wonder about Mike Sweeney.  He is not getting the at bats he probably deserves based on his performance from March.  In fact, I would say he is on the verge of being released.  Mike is someone that could be released.  Griffey is not doing much better, and is still homerless at the time of this blog.  But the ramifications the Mariners would face would be catastrophic if they chose to let him go.  Pitching has been pretty good this season given the fact they have received little to no run support.

Bring on May!  With Bedard on track to return in June, it could be a great summer for Mariner baseball.

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