Thursday, April 22, 2010

iPhone app update: Yahoo Fantasy Baseball app

Okay, this app is officially worthless.  There is currently no way to add/drop players with this application.  The larger issue for me is the lack of a lineup indicator.  You have no way to tell who is starting and who is not.  With these short coming, along with how slow this application loads, using the Safari browser ends up being more effective.

The app is free, and you pay for what you receive.  Let’s hope that more development is being put worth to work these issues out.  I would have thought that a “starter” indicator would have been a priority for version 1.0…silly me.

I promise not to do any more updates on this current version.  Once the next version has been released and my issues are resolved, I will update everyone.


Major typo. The original blog was correct, just not the title.  The MLB app I enjoy for radio and my 1 free TV game. 


Bill said...

Got a PS3?


Josh said...

Not yet, but I have been threatening to get one. Chances are that deal will have blackout restrictions for me/us. Thanks for the link!

fantasy hockey iphone app said...

This looks great, I sooo need to try this soon! Thanks!