Monday, April 12, 2010

iPhone app update: Yahoo Fantasy baseball and iPad demo

Okay, after a week of use, here is an update on this application.

No way to tell who is starting.  This is a challenge since, obviously, pitchers change daily. Also, on offense, Yahoo generally puts a carrot (^) for those that make the lineup that day.  If you have a player set to “day-to-day”, you need to make adjustments.  Or, if an injury happens and a player is put in a DL position, it does not say on the application. 

They performed an update last week, but I still do not see a way to drop and add players.  Two days after the application was updated, it would crash on me every time I tried to open it.  I uninstalled/reinstalled and it now works, but again, not a good sign of the applications stability.  And no, nothing changed on my phone over those 2 days. 

The application appears to be just a “check in” application.  You still need full web browser access to make any decent changes.  The application is free, so really nothing lost.  But they do have some room for improvement.

This past weekend, I happened to be in an Apple store, so I had to try the iPad.  Overall, a fun toy.  The MLB application rules, I really enjoyed that.  Games that looked fun on the iPhone (driving games) actually become legit time killers with this screen.  I liked it.  Not sure if I will own one. 

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