Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh boy, not this again

It was the Spring of 2008, the Mariners were coming off of a late push in 2007 for the post season that fell short by a week.  So, all the analysis thought we had a chance in 2008 to make the post season.  Instead, we lost 101 games and had the second worst record in baseball. 

Starting off 2-6 does not make good baseball.  We are second-to-last in the AL in runs with 21 (Orioles are at 20).  We have played 8 games, only 2 other teams have played 8 games, Twins and A’s.  Oakland is first in runs and the Twins are third.  So teams that have played one, in some case two, less games than us are scoring more. 

Jack Z did wonders for us in the postseason, I have blogged constantly about it; However, I did say, we are missing a big bat. Milton Bradley, I guess, is the big bat with his 1 HR.  As at team, we have 3 HR’s.  I am all for small ball, teams have been successful with getting people on and moving them around.  The key to the last sentence is getting people on.  We are 11th in hits, with 55, in the AL.  That puts 3 teams worse than us (Orioles, White Sox and Indians).  To put that into context, the top 3 teams in hits are either leading or in second in their respective divisions; The Tigers, A’s and Twins.  I find it frustrating, the team I had finishing last in a what should be a competitive AL West, is leading the way.  I realize the season is young and being 4 games behind .500 is not a huge amount.  But right now, I don’t see the momentum shift or that hitters edge creeping up in our lineup.  Both of our wins have come in the top of the 9th, and when we were trailing or tied. 

As far as pitching goes, it is hard to have all of this on your shoulders.  Ryan Rowland-Smith had 1 bad inning today, and that was it.  That one bad inning cost him the game because we are not seeing the ball.  Both of King Felix’s starts have ended in no decision’s as we cannot produce any run support for our pitchers. 

We need to finish April at .500.  This “thing” we are in cannot get worse, it needs to get better.

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