Monday, April 05, 2010

Opening day!

Assuming the rain stays away, the Mariners play later tonight in Oakland!  Felix vs. Ben Sheets. 

Watched yesterday’s rain shortened exhibition game against the Giants.  Overall, we looked pretty good.  Vargas did well in his final tune up for the season.  We also were able to see one of our hot pitching prospects, Michael Pineda.  He is 6’5” and is said to have a fastball that could reach 99 mph.   He will begin his professional career in West Tennessee and you could see him in the rotation by 2011, but most likely 2012.  

The ad campaign for the Mariner season has a fair amount of pressure associated with it.  These are not the fun ads that you will be  seeing on FSN, but more of a general ad to promote the season.  There is a lot of talk about October going on, but we still have a long road to go down before we get there.  I will be putting out the positive vibe and doing what I can to make sure that October becomes reality. 

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