Monday, May 24, 2010


That is the Mariner record when we send Cliff Lee and Felix Hernandez to the mount.  In the offseason, we had dreams of that number being closer to 15-0.  With Felix coming off a near Cy Young year, and Cliff Lee being Cliff Lee. 

I missed a few games recently, frankly, because I have better things to do.  Felix gave us 7 strong yesterday before the bullpen decided to throw batting practice.  I will sound like a broken record, but starting pitching has been the only shining light this season has offered.  We have shown signs of greatness at the plate, and in April our pen could keep things together. But getting all 3 of these items to work together is a larger challenge than what we realize.

Mike Sweeney, due to his hot hitting of late, played the field yesterday for the first time this season.  For someone like myself asking for him to go in April, he has been one person that really seems to be making an effort. 

June could be exciting time for the Mariners as we will see what Jack Z decided to do with Cliff Lee.  The bidding war for Lee will increase as June completes as more teams will see where they stand for the second half push.  I think at this point, we could be sellers rather than buyers.

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