Monday, May 17, 2010

Are we wasting money or just poor planning?

The Mariners starting rotation is turning out to be one of the best in all of baseball.  Sure, Ryan Rowland-Smith is not meeting expectations, but the other 4 are, and in some cases exceeding them.  However, we are the worst offensive team in the majors, or damn near. 

The talk is now surrounding trading Lee.  He is a free agent comes seasons end, but is pitching out of his mind.  However, his run support for the last 5 games has been horrible. 

April 30th, 0 runs

May 5th, 3 runs

May 11th, 5 runs, his first win

May 16th, 1 run

I hate to say it, but he is not long for this world in Seattle.  I think he is a superstar pitcher and deserves some offense.  I don’t think we throw in the towel yet on this season.  I feel there would be other ways to bring in bats without dropping one of the best offseason pickups in Mariner’s history.

From a bullpen perspective, we are average.  It should be noted, the pen has done it’s fair share to blow leads.  Dare I say, I miss Brandon Morrow?  Nah!  Of course, if we did not put our pitchers into so many 1 run situations, perhaps the pen would look a bit better. 

Not exactly sure how to fix this situation, perhaps trading Lee is our only option at this point.  If we do any moves, I would think we would do them in June, and not wait until the end of July.

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