Sunday, May 23, 2010

Missed Friday’s game, but the offense did not

Sweeney has been coming through like mad recently.  He is a batting around .412 in the last week, and raising his HR total to 5.  Saturday nights game was not nearly as exciting as we lost yet another 1 run game.  The Mariners are 5-14 in one run games.  Not a good stat.

On a bright note, Ian Snell did pitch 5 strong innings last night.  The reason this is a bright note, he started in place of Ryan Rowland-Smith.  RRS has been moved to the pen until he can work out what has been killing him.

Even Figgins now has an average over .200.  Things are starting to look up, and guess what.  It is Sunday and Griffey has not retired.  I think it is only fair to have him finish the season.  All these nah sayers want him gone early, but I do not agree.  Sure, are still way below .500, but I would like to think we are on the up and up. 

Look for May to be the worst of it, I hope.

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