Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Should he stay or should he go?

The rumor is that Griffey will be gone by months end.  There was a blog post yesterday that stirred up a lot of talk on the sports radio scene. 

It needs to be noted that the Mariners are not bad because of one player.  Sure, his numbers and lack of a home run are nothing to write home about, but who on this team can?  Gutierrez is about the only one that comes to mind.  It is apparent that his bat speed is not where it should be and his knees are still bothering him even after his off-season surgery.  Is this the right move?  To release him, that would be a black eye to this ball club.  If he made a choice to step down and retire early, that would be the only graceful way to move on. 

This team has it’s problems.  Milton Bradley is seeking counseling and Mike Sweeney has not shown any signs from his time in Arizona.  If it was me, I would release Milton and Mike, or perhaps try to trade.  We do lack a power bat, but we knew this going into the season. 

As far as what this potential mid-season move would do to his career, I think nothing.  He has had an outstanding career both in Seattle and abroad.  It would be a disappointment for sure, but I don’t think we need to pin all our team issues on him.  If the Mariners are asking him to step down, Jack and company have a plan.  Not sure if we will ever know for sure what that plan is, but there is something there.  You don’t release/ask a player to leave without having a “what now?” idea.  Especially with the impact Griffey has had on this city.  Either they have someone they want to target in the minors, or a DH trade in the works. 

A lot of people in the northwest are holding their breath until the end of May.

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