Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What do we do?

I talked yesterday about how Cliff Lee will probably not going to be a Mariner by the end of June.  Now the talk on the radio is asking for Griffey to retire this weekend.  My stance on this is mixed. 

I felt that his exit from the 2009 season was perfect.  His teammates carried him around the field, it was as if he was being provided a great avenue to say his goodbye.  But then he resigned.  I was happy because I truly thought his presence was beneficial.  I do not think he needs to retire to turn this year around.  Try to fix the other hitters before you force him to retire. 

Here is the breakdown…Griffey is batting .182, the 5th worst on the team.  How have the offseason signings done?

Figgins .185
Kotchman .183
Bradley .214
Sweeney .244

Sweeney has come “alive” in the last few outings.  Figgins has not lived up to any of his potential. Kotchman is batting .067 in May with 0 RBIs.  As much as Griffey has underperformed, he is not alone. 

Having Griffey maintain this death spiral of batting is not going to help the club.  But outside of Ichiro and Gutierrez, not many are.  Oh, and let’s not forget the bullpen.  They have blown a couple on their own. It seems that when the offense finally clicks, the pen blows it.  We have more on this team to fix than just Griffey. 

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