Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More disturbing stats

Jose Lopez is on pace to lead the team with 68 RBIs.  Yes, 6 frickin 8.  As of this writing, today, there are 6 players in the majors with 68 or more RBI’s.

Franklin Gutierrez and Milton Bradley are set to lead the team with 15 HR’s.  Some players hit 15 HR’s in two months!

The team is set to have the lowest run total in franchise history (non strike years) with 538 runs.  The 1977 expansion team had more runs.

This is what I am talking about.  The morale of this city when it comes to baseball might be at an all time low.  Perhaps Branyon becomes sell bait on July 31st for more hitting prospects.  I would not mind if Aardsma took a hike as well so we can find another Putz-like closer.  At least when JJ entered the game, the crowd sang “Thunderstruck”.

Bring up Dustin Ackley in September and I will probably buy a ticket.

Why do I even care anymore?

This baseball season is dragging.  We cannot get out of our own way.  Most games, if they only went 5 innings, we would be unstoppable.  However, last time I checked, there are at least 9 innings per game.  It is also a guarantee that when we load the bases, no one will score, regardless of how many outs.

Are there any bright spots?  Not really.  We have a couple of “4 or 5” starters that are leading our team in ERA.  David Pauley is 0-2 but with only a 2.40 ERA.  Jason Vargas is 6-4 in 18 appearances with a ERA of 2.97.  A bit on more on Vargas, he had one horrible game against Detroit on July 3rd (4.1 IP and 6 ER).  If you remove that one game, his ERA is lowered to 2.75 which would put him second in the AL behind….Cliff Lee.  Keeping that bad game in there, he is 7th in AL with Felix at #5 with a 2.88 ERA and Doug Fister 17th with a 3.56 ERA.  However, the combined record of these 3 “top 20” pitchers is 16-16.  Way to provide run support!  If Felix and/or Vargas had any run support in the 28 games, they would have to be in the conversation for Cy Young. 

Do we need to spend more money to bring in more talent?  Here is how the playoff years compare to the Jack Z years:

Year Payroll Rank for Year
1995 34,241,533 11th
1997 39,667,628 15th
2000 59,215,000 15th
2001 74,720,834 11th


2010 86,510,000 14th
2009 98,904,166 10th

Not much difference in terms of our overall ranking.  Obviously the game has change a bit over the last 15 years as the lowest salary in 2019 is the Pittsburgh Pirates with a salary of 34,943,000.  Almost an exact match for what would have been the 11th highest paid team in 1995.  But no, I do not think we need to spend more.  We need to be smarter shoppers, which is an element that makes Jack Z so appealing. 

As most of you know, I had high hopes for this year.  Sure, we were missing a big bat, but other teams around the league have had success with small ball.  As obvious as this prediction may seem, Don Wak will be gone at season’s end.  I am sure there will be a campaign to bring Lou back, which I will not support.

Team leadership and cohesiveness seem to be large holes within this organization.  Jack Z is allowed at least 4 perhaps as much as 6 years to work on this team before his job is in jeopardy.  We need a strong leader in the clubhouse as well as on the field.  Before long Ichiro is going to ask to be traded and the one piece that fans actually do go the Safeco Field to see, will be missing.  

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Don't trade Lee just yet!

As of now, Lee is pitching Friday. This also happens to be a game that we are attending. The rumors are really starting to heat up! It almost makes you wonder if this is a tryout for the he needs one.

Monday, July 05, 2010

iBlogger vs. Windows Live Writer

Well, silly me.  I tried to post a second iPhone blog and it appears after my initial iPhone blog.  Apparently iBlogger on my phone uses some other timestamp than the time on my phone. 

In case you missed it, here is a link to the post

Sunday, July 04, 2010

iPhone 4

I has been two days now of iPhone 4 use.  I was able to upgrade from iPhone 3G to the 4, so the experience improvements over the past two years are rather large.

I try to use Safari on my phone for a few items.  One of those items is my fantasy baseball page.  On the 3G, this was a 40-50 second load on Wi-Fi.  With my new phone, it is 8-10 second load.  I am actually able to make roster changes and view my matchup scores in the time it would take to only view my roster.  Great improvement on surfing. 

I have not done too much with the multitasking, but that does appear to work very well.

The video has been a lot of fun.  Just took a few sample videos of my son and loved the outcome.  The camera is leaps and bounds better than before.  How is it leaps and bounds?  I can actually get the phone out of my pocket, unlock it, open the camera application and take a picture all before my old phone would even open the camera application from a non-locked state. 

I have not had the antenna, but I try to use headphones whenever possible. 

I will be getting a case.  Not because I don’t think the phone is weak or fragile, but like every other iPhone, it is hard to handle without some sort of grip or texture to cling to. 

All in all, pretty pleased I have the phone.  Anything is going to be great when you wait 2 years to upgrade. 

iPhone 4 continued

Sorry for the grammar nightmare in my previous post. Thanks to all that powered through.

I failed to discuss the retina display. Side-by-side with my old phone there is a night and day difference. The clarity of text and the vibrant images are well worth the upgrade.

I also forgot battery life. As always, my 3G is turned off. I also lower my brightness a titch and turn off wi-fi discovery. So far, some improvement. I have yet to experience a full work day with it, but I am close to 3 days before a charge is needed.

I will keep you posted as I uncover more features with this piece of technology.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Catching up

I know, it has been awhile.  I have not written about my thoughts on anything for some time.  As far as the Mariners go, they win more when I don’t talk about them.  Yes, I am a bit superstitious when it comes to this stuff.  I thought I would take this 0-2 slide on the road as an opportunity.

Cliff Lee, where do you begin.  He is pitching lights out right now.  Either raising his trading stock or actually trying to make the Mariners competitive.  It was nice having his around for a couple of months and getting a chance to see him pitch. Good luck, wherever you land.  I heard the bankrupt Rangers are in the market.  Seeing that money is an issue for them, if he goes to Texas, we just may get stuck holding the bill, however Texas does have a nice farm system. 

Erik Bedard is set to return this week.  He has had 2 very successful rehab starts in the minors and appears to be well on his way to a successful return from labrum surgery.  Perhaps we will see him on Friday at Safeco.

The offense continues to struggle, but appears to be doing better of late. I think we will be a decent team from here to the end of September, but the month of May and early June really put us in a large hole.

Perhaps with Bedard being healthy in his return, losing Cliff Lee will not hurt as bad.  Only 28 days until the trade deadline!