Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More disturbing stats

Jose Lopez is on pace to lead the team with 68 RBIs.  Yes, 6 frickin 8.  As of this writing, today, there are 6 players in the majors with 68 or more RBI’s.

Franklin Gutierrez and Milton Bradley are set to lead the team with 15 HR’s.  Some players hit 15 HR’s in two months!

The team is set to have the lowest run total in franchise history (non strike years) with 538 runs.  The 1977 expansion team had more runs.

This is what I am talking about.  The morale of this city when it comes to baseball might be at an all time low.  Perhaps Branyon becomes sell bait on July 31st for more hitting prospects.  I would not mind if Aardsma took a hike as well so we can find another Putz-like closer.  At least when JJ entered the game, the crowd sang “Thunderstruck”.

Bring up Dustin Ackley in September and I will probably buy a ticket.

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