Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Should Felix be considered for the Cy Young again?

I think it’s time to admit, especially after last years voting, wins are not as important as everyone thinks.  Zach Greinke had 16 wins to Felix’s 19.  But Zach bested Felix in ERA (2.16 vs. 2.49), complete games (6 vs. 2) and strikeouts (242 vs. 217).  In looking at this, it is apparent voters looked at a more overall picture rather than solely on wins.  Felix did best Zach in innings pitched (238.2 vs. 229.1) and in opponent batting average (.227 vs. .230).  A stat that I like, Quality starts, Felix took the prize with 29 vs. Zack’s 26. 

That takes me to the 2010 season.  At the time of this writing, here is how Felix looks in the AL.

Stat Numbers Current Rank
ERA 2.62 3rd
Innings pitched 189.0 1st
Strike Outs 172 2nd
Complete Games 5 2nd
Shutouts 1 T-2nd
Quality Starts 23 1st
Games Started 26 1st
Wins 8 38th

Take out wins, and you are building a VERY strong case for Felix to yet again, be in the running for the Cy Young.  Understanding that there are still 6 weeks left in the season, anything can happen.  If you look at who is first in some of these categories, I think it makes my point.

ERA.  Clay Buchholz is the leader with a 2.49 mark,  However, he only has 126.1 innings pitched, 20 starts, 1 complete game, 1 shutout, and 13 quality starts. 

Strike outs.  Jared Weaver of the Angels leads with 182.  He does have a decent ERA with a 2.87 and started in 25 games.  However, he does not have a complete game or a shutout, has 26 less innings than Felix and 20 quality starts. 

Complete Games.  Cliff Lee leads with 7.  His ERA has climbed to 2.77 and has 20 less innings than Felix.  He also trails Felix in strikeouts with 147 and has 15 quality starts.

Wins.  We have a 3 way tie with CC Sabathia, David Price, and Carl Pavano all with 15.  Pavano is out with his higher ERA of 3.27, 168 Innings, 97 strikeouts and 17 quality starts but does have 5 complete games and 2 shutouts.  Sabathia is not a bad pick here. He stands with a 3.14 ERA, 134 strikeouts, only 2 complete games and no shutouts, but does have 20 quality starts.  The real front runner for the Cy Young, I think, is David Price.  David has a 2.85 ERA, 141 strikeouts, 2 complete games with 1 shutout and 18 quality starts. 

Felix numbers, again covering up the W column, are consistent from last year.  In 2009, he started in 34 games, and 29 of those where defined as quality starts.  So far this year, 26 and 23.  I think that shows amazing depth into games and is a stat that will set him a part from the competition.  Looking at the whole picture, I feel that Felix needs to considered.  I know his 8 wins are a cause a lot of alarm to many people out there.  If he could somehow get to 14 wins with this crappy offense, and keep the other numbers consistent, he should be a shoe in.

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