Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Going to be self promoting, watch out!

As if social networking did not do this enough for me, I am forced to manually post my blog to Facebook.  Yes, you heard me, forced!

The synch between blogger and Facebook works when it wants.  Appears to really have a mind of it’s own.  Awhile back I could manually force an update to appear in Facebook, but apparently that functionality has disappeared. 

So, I am now forced to put my blogger blight manually into Facebook for all to read.  I am sure that now, since I have said something, the upload process will magically work.  Of course, you could just subscribe to my RSS feed and I would not be put into this situation. 

Trying to expand beyond my three loyal readers.  (No offense to the two of you since I represent the third)

A year of change in Cy Young voting

As my 3 loyal readers know, I have been supporting Felix (for obvious reasons) to win the AL Cy Young award.  Last night was a HUGE night for all 3 major contenders for the award.  CC, Felix and David all had huge games.  With Felix probably not starting on Sunday, still TBD, and the Yankees and Rays working on playoff rotations, that may have been the final start for all 3.  Here is how the statistics fall with AL ranks.





IP’s 1st (249.2) 8th (207.2) 2nd (237.2)
CG 3rd (6) T-13th (2) T-13th (2)
ERA 1st (2.27) 3rd (2.73) 7th (3.18)
QS 1st (30) T-3rd (25) 2nd (26)
K’s 1st (232) 8th (187) 5th (197)
Opp BA 1st  (.212) 5th (.222) 12th (.239)
WHIP 2nd (1.06) 12th (1.20) 9th (1.19)
Wins T-16th (13) T-2nd (19) 1st (21)

This is going to be tough.  Statically, Felix cannot be caught.  He may drop to 2nd on K’s as Weaver will have 1 more start.  To be honest, the “hybrid” solution to this problem appears to be Price.  Regardless of how this goes, all 3 of these pitchers have had amazing seasons.  I hope that 2010 will be a changing point in the voting for Cy Young as I do not feel wins should carry a heavy weight, but does need to be considered.  Having a discrepancy of 6 or 8 wins is going to weigh on the minds of voters.  If Felix had 16 or more wins, this would NOT be a debate. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ActiveSync for Hotmail

It was announced toward the middle of summer that is was coming and as of August 29th-ish, it is here.  I have been using it for a couple of days and have enjoyed it so far.  Also, the contacts that I have accumulated all these years in Hotmail are now on my iPhone.

For those of you looking into how to accomplish this, here are some simple configuration entries.  (On the iPhone, set this up as an Exchange account)


Filed Settings
Username (Full email address)
Domain Leave blank
SSL Enable this
Certificate Accept if prompted
Mail, Contacts, Calendar All can enabled

You could setup Hotmail before as a Mail account, but it would not synch.  So, I had to double delete email and it would not synch over contacts either.

Friday, September 24, 2010

200 hits, 10 years running…

Ichiro did it.  He set a major league record by recording 200 or more hits in 10 consecutive seasons.  (Peter Rose had 10 seasons of 200 or more hits in his career, not consecutively)

Sports Talk radio in Seattle has centered around the price that Ichiro commands and if he is worthy.  The argument is: He is paid 18 Million dollars for singles.  However, I feel he does more than just singles.  He does what you want a leadoff hitter to do, get on base and steals bases.  He has stolen 30 or more in 9 of his 10 seasons,  When you have someone that is able to get on base, the other members of that batting order should deliver.  From 2001 to 2008, he had over 100 runs during that stretch.  He does not hit a lot of doubles and triples which is somewhat surprising for someone with his speed. I think Ichiro should be remembered as one of the best lead off hitters in MLB, however, I do not agree with his price tag.  If he was to put up more HR and RBI’s, then the $18 million might be a decent price tag given today’s market.

Another bright spot in the 1-0 defeat yesterday, Felix pitched a complete game.  Sure, it was not a shutout, but a great pitching performance on a day when CC was roughed up by the Rays for 7 earned runs.   We have just over a week of “Cy Young” play left.  It should be an interesting race for that award in the AL.  I would love to see Felix take the prize with David Price as the runner up.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Egg laying, 101

Nice job Seahawks!  Way to go into Mile High and lay a huge egg on the field.  I did not see all the game, but caught enough of it to see the week 1 performance was in the very distance past.  Turnovers and mistakes were the main dishes being served.

The Seahawks egg, came only 24 hours after the Huskies laid one against the Cornhuskers.  I am not a UW fan, but to see the Heisman candidate Locker perform that poorly may have sealed his fate with an early exit in the race.

The third egg, the Grizzlies.  WTF?  It would have been fantastic to go into the red turf and spoil the conference opener for EWU.  However, with what seemed like a comedy of errors and lack of follow through, the Eagles walked away with a large victory.  I am not one for rankings as I feel the Griz should never be given the #1 tag. As long as we still make the playoffs and work our way towards Chattanooga (or wherever it has moved) I am okay with this.  Not happy, but okay. 

Let’s hope the Griz and Seachickens end the month on a positive note.  The Seachickens come home to face the mighty Chargers.  The Grizzlies welcome Sac State to Washington Grizzly stadium for homecoming. 

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What if Felix had 19 wins, then what?

So, let’s say the roles were reversed.  CC is leading in all major statistical categories and Felix has the 19 wins.  Would I feel that CC would deserve the Cy Young?

Great question.  I would like to think my baseball objective eye would kick in.  However, I know my Mariner biased nature, or rather anti-Yankee nature, would kick in and I would build a case for Felix.  I will be willing to say that moving forward from the 2010 season, I have a better view on who truly deserves the Cy Young.  I was a person that thought record should have a weight to it in the voting.  In doing all this digging of information around Felix and other pitchers in the AL, I have taken away a much more objective viewpoint. 

Currently, the debate involves a player that I admire and have followed for his career.  But, all this statistic gathering has been entertaining.  In conjunction to my pre-season predictions (scroll down).  I will add an AL Cy Young prediction in August moving forward.  Eventually, one day, I will dare to tackle the NL Cy Young race. 

My iPhone 4 case has arrived and the lame AppleTV

It actually arrived about a week ago.  This is the free case that Apple was so willing to ship to all those fools who purchased an iPhone 4 during “Antennagate”.  I found the antenna issues to be totally blow out of proportion.  However, Apple’s response to this was not easy to come by either.  I have yet to be disappointed with this phone.  I have strapped a lot of my life to some of the applications this device provides, so switching platforms for me is going to be challenging.  Of course, Apple is fully aware of this “dilemma”.

My case is the Speck checker one.  I threw away the packaging prior to this blog, so I apologize for the lack of proper model.  In the “free case” app, it is your bottom option.  Overall, it is not bad, good hardened rubber shell.  The only downside is that due to the rigid nature, it is difficult to remove the phone for proper cleaning.  Other than that it offers a nice grip with some limited drop protection.

I see the new AppleTV to be a total bust of a device.  It is solely for streaming.  Why could they not expand on the successful AppleTV with storage and turn that into a media center?  Technically, it is a media center that chats with another device (your computer) to stream content.  How very “green” of Apple to require 2 electronic devices to stream Netflix content to your TV.  For those of us that already have a TiVo, this new device offers nothing new.  Sure, the small compact size is nice, but that is where the positives draw to a close in this bloggers opinion.  This is my first look at this device, and most likely my last.  If that changes, I will be sure to update my 3 regular readers.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Seattle, we have a problem

Besides the fire sale of players going on at Seahawks headquarters, and the lack of offense the Mariners provide, we are going to miss out on the Cy Young.

Felix has been on fire, playing for a bad team. I have pounded my fist on this blog and I will do it again. 

Felix is 11-10 at the time of this writing.  Of his 11 wins, 7 are at home, while 4 have been on the road.  Of the 10 loses, 6 have been on the road and the other 4 in pitcher friendly Safeco.  Of his 4 road wins, 2 were against the Yankees.  How well did he pitching in “homer friendly” Yankee stadium?  Well, I will tell you:  17 IP, 6 H, 1 CG, 0 ER, and 22K’s.  And by the way, 5 days after beating the Yankees, he beat the Red Sox with 1 ER and 8 K’s.  Felix has started in 30 games and only has 21 decisions.  Of his nine no-decisions, he left with the game tied or with a lead in seven of those games.  Of those seven, the Mariners won two.  The two games where he left in a losing position was when the team rallied to win, his first two starts of the year. 

Let’s compare that to CC, the lead runner in the Cy Young if wins were actually the only number that “mattered”.  At the time of this blog, he is 19-5, nothing to sneeze at.  All 5 loses have been on the road.  Of his wins, 8 have been on the road. CC has appeared in 29 games, so it is rather impressive to have a decision in 24 of those games.  

Why does this matter?  Well, it really shouldn’t.  The days of having pitchers throwing complete games every other day are long gone.  You have designated pitchers for long relief, setup, and closer.  This combination means that a “team” in involved in providing W’s in the win column, not one individual.  Not only is there a fleet of pitchers to provide team support to a starter, but there is also a defense and an offense.  Plus, in the AL, pitchers do not bat!  My goal here is tell the writers to NOT hang their hat on one stat.  Putting W’s aside, how do these two compare.



Rank in AL


Rank in AL

IP’s 219.1 1st 202.2 2nd
CG 5 3rd 2 10th
ERA 2.25 1st 3.02 5th
QS 27 1st 23 2nd
Ks 209 1st 165 7th
Opp BA .219 3rd .239 13th
Wins 11 T-7th 19 1st
WHIP 1.09 3rd 1.20 13th

(QS = Quality starts).  For those of you unaware, WHIP is walks and hits per innings pitched. 

If you put your hand over the win column, Felix is the clear choice for the Cy Young.  Take a look at the teams.  The Yankees have 32 more wins than the Mariners, 32!  That has to play into this decision somehow.

I think the most telling stat of dominate pitching is the K count.  Felix has been battling with Jared Weaver for this title and currently has a 2K lead.  That is the one stat that clearly shows how a pitcher can dominate his opponent at the plate. 

My fear, CC wins the Cy Young.  This decision should have impact on future votes as wins could be argued as the least important stat to a pitcher’s overall ability to pitch successfully.