Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Egg laying, 101

Nice job Seahawks!  Way to go into Mile High and lay a huge egg on the field.  I did not see all the game, but caught enough of it to see the week 1 performance was in the very distance past.  Turnovers and mistakes were the main dishes being served.

The Seahawks egg, came only 24 hours after the Huskies laid one against the Cornhuskers.  I am not a UW fan, but to see the Heisman candidate Locker perform that poorly may have sealed his fate with an early exit in the race.

The third egg, the Grizzlies.  WTF?  It would have been fantastic to go into the red turf and spoil the conference opener for EWU.  However, with what seemed like a comedy of errors and lack of follow through, the Eagles walked away with a large victory.  I am not one for rankings as I feel the Griz should never be given the #1 tag. As long as we still make the playoffs and work our way towards Chattanooga (or wherever it has moved) I am okay with this.  Not happy, but okay. 

Let’s hope the Griz and Seachickens end the month on a positive note.  The Seachickens come home to face the mighty Chargers.  The Grizzlies welcome Sac State to Washington Grizzly stadium for homecoming. 

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Bill said...

And Montana State lost to a Pac-10 team by only 1 point!

Can't wait for Cat-Griz!