Wednesday, September 08, 2010

My iPhone 4 case has arrived and the lame AppleTV

It actually arrived about a week ago.  This is the free case that Apple was so willing to ship to all those fools who purchased an iPhone 4 during “Antennagate”.  I found the antenna issues to be totally blow out of proportion.  However, Apple’s response to this was not easy to come by either.  I have yet to be disappointed with this phone.  I have strapped a lot of my life to some of the applications this device provides, so switching platforms for me is going to be challenging.  Of course, Apple is fully aware of this “dilemma”.

My case is the Speck checker one.  I threw away the packaging prior to this blog, so I apologize for the lack of proper model.  In the “free case” app, it is your bottom option.  Overall, it is not bad, good hardened rubber shell.  The only downside is that due to the rigid nature, it is difficult to remove the phone for proper cleaning.  Other than that it offers a nice grip with some limited drop protection.

I see the new AppleTV to be a total bust of a device.  It is solely for streaming.  Why could they not expand on the successful AppleTV with storage and turn that into a media center?  Technically, it is a media center that chats with another device (your computer) to stream content.  How very “green” of Apple to require 2 electronic devices to stream Netflix content to your TV.  For those of us that already have a TiVo, this new device offers nothing new.  Sure, the small compact size is nice, but that is where the positives draw to a close in this bloggers opinion.  This is my first look at this device, and most likely my last.  If that changes, I will be sure to update my 3 regular readers.


Bill said...

Regular Reader #2 here. Screw Apple TV. Just get a Media Center and be done with it...

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