Wednesday, September 08, 2010

What if Felix had 19 wins, then what?

So, let’s say the roles were reversed.  CC is leading in all major statistical categories and Felix has the 19 wins.  Would I feel that CC would deserve the Cy Young?

Great question.  I would like to think my baseball objective eye would kick in.  However, I know my Mariner biased nature, or rather anti-Yankee nature, would kick in and I would build a case for Felix.  I will be willing to say that moving forward from the 2010 season, I have a better view on who truly deserves the Cy Young.  I was a person that thought record should have a weight to it in the voting.  In doing all this digging of information around Felix and other pitchers in the AL, I have taken away a much more objective viewpoint. 

Currently, the debate involves a player that I admire and have followed for his career.  But, all this statistic gathering has been entertaining.  In conjunction to my pre-season predictions (scroll down).  I will add an AL Cy Young prediction in August moving forward.  Eventually, one day, I will dare to tackle the NL Cy Young race. 

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