Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A year of change in Cy Young voting

As my 3 loyal readers know, I have been supporting Felix (for obvious reasons) to win the AL Cy Young award.  Last night was a HUGE night for all 3 major contenders for the award.  CC, Felix and David all had huge games.  With Felix probably not starting on Sunday, still TBD, and the Yankees and Rays working on playoff rotations, that may have been the final start for all 3.  Here is how the statistics fall with AL ranks.





IP’s 1st (249.2) 8th (207.2) 2nd (237.2)
CG 3rd (6) T-13th (2) T-13th (2)
ERA 1st (2.27) 3rd (2.73) 7th (3.18)
QS 1st (30) T-3rd (25) 2nd (26)
K’s 1st (232) 8th (187) 5th (197)
Opp BA 1st  (.212) 5th (.222) 12th (.239)
WHIP 2nd (1.06) 12th (1.20) 9th (1.19)
Wins T-16th (13) T-2nd (19) 1st (21)

This is going to be tough.  Statically, Felix cannot be caught.  He may drop to 2nd on K’s as Weaver will have 1 more start.  To be honest, the “hybrid” solution to this problem appears to be Price.  Regardless of how this goes, all 3 of these pitchers have had amazing seasons.  I hope that 2010 will be a changing point in the voting for Cy Young as I do not feel wins should carry a heavy weight, but does need to be considered.  Having a discrepancy of 6 or 8 wins is going to weigh on the minds of voters.  If Felix had 16 or more wins, this would NOT be a debate. 

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