Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We have a new manager!

Mixed results around the area, probably because we have had 5 since I have lived in the Seattle area (3 years).  Eric Wedge,even though the record may not say so, had success in Cleveland.  At least he won games and came very close to the World Series .  I am excited, but I am always excited for something like this.  I don’t think Don Wak was a bad manager, just not a good fit. 

A lot of people around here blame the front office for how bad we are.  I am not sure I necessary agree.  We had success with this same group of owners in 1995. 1997, 2000 and 2001.  We now have a GM that is trying everything he can to put together a winning team.  I feel it’s the mindset with seasons like 1995 put into the memory banks of fans that feel we should be competing every year.  I would love to see us contending every year, but that alone has its set of challenges that I do not think we are ready to tackle.  Here is to an above .500 team in 2011.  After all, it’s an odd year, we seem to do our best.

Here’s to a successful start to the hot stove league for the Mariner organization. 

To root for the Rangers or not

Of course I dislike the Yankees like any intelligent person, but to root for a team within the Mariner division seems weird to me too.  I guess at the end of the day, I do not like the Yankees so my decision has been made for me.

The one true downside of this and to show how crappy the Mariner history has become.  If the Rangers make it to the World Series, the Mariners will be the only AL team to not appear in the series.  Ugh, sad stat.

Friday, October 01, 2010

PlayOn, now for iPhone and iTouch

Wondering how you can watch Frontline from PBS on your iPhone?  How can you catch up on episodes of Jersey Shore?  (Yeah, I know, I “went there” so sue me).  Well, now you can with the PlayOn streaming service for your PC. 

Don’t know about PlayOn?  Click here to find out more.  You can stream to your Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360 in addition to iTouch and iPhones.  It’s fairly simple.  You can stream from your YouTube, Hulu, and NetFlix accounts as well as watch media from MTV, PGA tour, ComedyCentral, etc.  The list is very extensive and will continue to grow and improve.  Here is a link to what is currently available

Once you install it, you have 14 days before you have to buy.  They just improved the channel selection and the streaming service, sadly that came at a price.  It was $40 up until September 30th, it has since jumped to a one time payment of $80.  Yes, that is a one time payment if you plan to use this solution for a very long time.  Otherwise it is $40 for the first year, and $20 every year there after.

So, on the iPhone you open your browser on your internal Wi-Fi network and point the address to “”.  It loads an icon on your iPhone desktop and that is all.  You can begin watching shows in a matter of minutes.  If you want to mess with Firewall rules on your router, you can configure your media server to be available anywhere you might end up with internet access. 

I don’t use this service a lot, but it is a very cool toy.  Perhaps once I acquire an iPad, it will be a great way to watch some of these shows. 

In the latest version, they added a way to self promote what you are watching with Playon by integrating with all major social networking players. 

I have played with this more on my iPhone than I ever did on the Wii.  I have to say, I like it, even on that small of a screen.