Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MLB Prediction results: NL West

Predictions:                               Actual:

LAD San Fran
AZ San Diego
Colorado Colorado
San Fran LAD
San Diego AZ

Almost a completely inverted view of the division.  I would love to place quotes from my March posting about this division, but I am not.  I do not want to lose any of the humor that is my dismal prediction of the NL West.

Grade, D.  My saving grace was the Colorado Rockies and ex-Osprey Carlos Gonzalez.

MLB Prediction results: NL Central

Predicted:                                  Actual:

Chicago Cincinnati
St. Louis St. Louis
Milwaukee Milwaukee
Cincinnati Houston
Houston Chicago
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

Let's just begin with the cop out phrase from the post in March:

“I will say the top 4 teams in the central could produce a race this year that comes down to the final week of the season.”

Not the best phrase, but it does attempt to clear my selections and have Cincy in first…just kidding.  I have another great phrase in my paragraph about the Reds:

“Could Cincinnati be the next team to give the Cardinals a run for their money?”

I think they did.  Put in the surprise MVP of Votto and you have a quality team to start the 2011 season. 

Being the grader for this exercise, I will give myself a “C”.  Why?  Because I felt I came somewhat close.  See if I ever put the Cubs first again!

MLB Prediction results: NL East

My prediction:                            Actual Results:

Atlanta Philadelphia
Philadelphia Atlanta
Florida Florida
Washington Washington

I really thought Atlanta had what it took to overtake Philly.  The injured and inconsistent Jair Jurrjens did little to help Atlanta’s pitching this year.  Jason Heyward, as predicted, was a bright spot for Atlanta and will continue to have a rich career.  As far as Philly goes, I have a cop out statement on them as well:

“This team is solid, all around. I picked Atlanta just to be different, but there is no reason why the Phillies should not repeat as NL East champs, and perhaps once again represent the NL in the World Series.”

That run on sentence turned out to be only partial true. As far as my grade goes, I am going with a “B”.  I feel I represented this division as accurately as possible.

MLB Prediction results: AL West

What I predicted:                       Actual results: 

LA Texas
Seattle Oakland
Texas LA
Oakland Seattle

Oh boy, where do I begin.  The Mariners were by far, the worst team in baseball this year.  I have never seen a team predicted to go to the World Series have such a bad season.  My cop out statement from my March post is a dandy.

“The Rangers are set to take over this division as well, especially if they get their pitching squared away.”

I could not have said it better today. 

My grade, “F”.  For missing all spots and for putting too much faith in my team. 

MLB Prediction results: AL Central

What I predicted:                       Actual Results:

Minnesota Minnesota
Detroit Chicago
Chicago Detroit
Cleveland Cleveland

Much better than the AL East for sure.  Here is a link to my post back in March.  I do make comment that this would be a 2 horse race for first and sure enough it was.  Detroit tried to make it interested but finished 13 games back when it was all said and done.  In reading through my post in March, nothing really strikes me as noteworthy.  I do mention Austin Jackson as the starter in CF for Detroit, but I think a blind monkey could have predicted that.  I will say, Austin is going to be a good pickup in Fantasy Baseball, as he becomes more comfortable at the plate as he lowers his strikeout totals.

I give myself a “B” for hitting 4 out of 5. 

MLB Prediction results: AL East

Okay, I can now take the time to grade my ability to predict the standings for the MLB 2010 Season. First, we start with the AL East.

What I predicted:                       The True Outcome: 

Boston Tampa Bay
Tampa Bay Boston
Baltimore Toronto
Toronto Baltimore

Talk about way off.  However, I did make note that Tampa Bay “will make a big push to try and knock out both the Sox and Yankees.”  I give that sentence partial credit.  Of course, that is a cop out phrase.  I have to give myself a grad of D. 

Next, AL Central

Monday, November 29, 2010

Winter driving

After a long Thanksgiving week drive that saw the full spectrum of weather, the Jeep was able to achieve it’s highest recorded gas mileage of 24.7.  Why is this so special, allow me to elaborate.

It is November, and I drove in “Full Time” four wheel about 75% of the drive.  Keep in mind, in the Jeep Liberty, Full time is more like allowing the front wheels to engage as necessary.  (From the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip)  This is contrasted by “Part time” which locks the front differential so the front and rear wheels rotate at the same speed.  We also had a Thule roof cargo carrier on the car which does supply a fair amount of drag.  The Thule also plays a the role of a sail around Livingston.  As mentioned in my previous post, the EGR valve is still disabled.

I would have to say, with all things considered, I am pretty pleased with the 2.4 MPG’s that we gained on this journey.

We did this same trip last year (with roof rack) and were able to achieve 22.3 MPG.  Last year, the roads were dry for 98% of that that journey.  Needless to say, I did not go into four wheel drive but only once on that trip.  So the gain alone from having the EGR valve in a non working state is fairly large.  I am really curious is this will help out on MPG’s when towing.

All in all, a great trip to see family. 

Ackley MVP of AFL

Dustin Ackley was named MVP of the Arizona Fall League.  Here is a quote on his statistics during his MVP run.  (The Mariner article can be found here).

“He won the AFL batting title with a .424 average, but that was far from all he accomplished. He also topped the league in on-base percentage (.581), slugging (.758), OPS (1.338) and runs scored (28), all while also going a perfect 5-for-5 in stolen-base attempts.” 

I hope he can ride this momentum into the Spring and make the team.  We all know this offense could use someone like this.  I realize he won’t be on a team of potential young all stars as he was in Arizona, but he still should see some quality pitches and put himself into a position to score.

Now onto the following announcement.  “Starting at second base, Dustin Ackley!” 

Woohoo Cy Young!

Due to work and Thanksgiving travel, I was unable to get this post out in a reasonable amount of time.

Congrats to Felix!  Wins will be the largest controversy to come out of this vote, but Felix did dominate all major pitching categories, with the exception of K’s.  Jared Weaver took home that crown for the 2010 season with 1 more than Felix could muster. 

A few analysis are calling this a revolutionary vote due to the fact that 21 voters put pitching stats ahead of wins.  I am not sure if this will be a revolution for future contests, but it does present an interesting argument.   

Here is the article on the Mariner’s website for you to read.  One point that I did not realize.  Santana in 2004 was the only other Cy Young winner since 1998 to be left out from the All Star game.  (All Star rosters expanded in 1998).

Congratulations Felix! 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Davie Niehaus, 1935-2010

The Mariner family suffered a great loss today.  The original broadcaster and last member of the 1977 inaugural year died today from a heart attack.  His voice and his enthusiasm for this team will be missed. 

It would have been nice for an original member to see the Mariners achieve a title, but those days are a long ways away.  He did call some very magic moments in the franchise short history.  Here is a link to the Mariners article.

Here is what Griffey had to say of Dave’s passing.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Slowing down my pace

It has been awhile since my last post, nearly 3 weeks.  I have not had much to write about, especially with regards to Seattle sports.  The M’s were eliminated from the playoffs on June 1st, and Seachickens could win the NFC West with a 7-9 record.  I guess, all this borders on a fair weather fan.

In other news, I recorded my highest MPG with my Jeep CRD since using GasCubby (2 years this month) to record fuel mileage, 24.1 MPG.  I have to thank the fact I would not pass emissions as the reason why.  My EGR valve failed about 1 month ago.  Ever since my engine stopped recirculating hot exhaust gases back into my engine, I have seen a 2-4 MPG jump for my driving style.

Now, there are ways to do this in a green manner.  You can purchase a new CPU unit from these guys that reprograms your computer to trick the EGR valve into not working.  It also performs a wide array of other features to help maximize the engine.  This could be something I will do once I replace my EGR in the near future.  For now, I am loving this increase in MGP and the engine even feels more responsive.  Lucky for me, I passed emissions in August, just prior to this failure.  What I would normally see is somewhere between 19-20 MPG for hybrid highway/city driving.  I would like to see how I do towing, but that will have to wait until next Spring.