Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 year in review

From a Seattle sports perspective, not the best.

The year started off with the highest of all expectations for the Mariners, potential World Series representation.  Instead we finished as one of the worst teams in all of major league baseball.  Felix Hernandez did win the Cy Young award, so we do have that going for us as we enter 2011.  We do better as a team in odd years anyway.

The Seahawks went out and hired a coach with ADHD in the hopes his energy would rub off on the players and turn into some wins.  That too did not turn out to be true either.  Between injuries and a QB controversy, who knows what 2011 will bring for the Seachickens.  I am smelling a draft day trade-up!

The way I see it, we can only go up from here.  The Mariners should finish closer to .500 once our youngsters start to click and build some momentum as the spring months roll into summer.  The Seachickens will do their homework and draft the best player possible with whatever spot falls to them, maybe a QB or a potential hidden gem of a RB in a year of weak running backs.

Good luck to our sports teams in 2011!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve football, gotta love it!

My family and I did not make the pilgrimage to Missoula this year for Christmas.  Since we did not, I was unable to attend the 22nd annual football game held every year on Christmas Eve.  This year, the long tradition received some much needed publicity as I have always felt this tradition is beyond cool.

Many friends texted me throughout the holiday weekend informing me that we made the local newspaper, the Missoulian.  Here is a link to the well written article.  As far as the physical print of the story goes, it made the front page!  How cool is that?! (The article states 23 years, but 1988 is the starting point, but perhaps my math is off)

Way to go gents with keeping the tradition alive!

Things wrong with sports: NFC West

I had the “luxury” of watching some of the Seahawk’s game this past Sunday versus Atlanta.  I started my viewing experience as halftime was drawing to a close.  Within seconds I was able to witness Matt Hasselback get smacked in the face, fall down, and then fumble in the end zone.  On the next possession, Matt threw an interception.  Several plays later, the Falcons scored.  So, within about 4 minutes of the third quarter, what was a somewhat close game based on score was turning into a run away affair. 

Why is this “wrong” for sports?  Because the winner of the NFC West is going to be below .500.  The fact that the New Orleans Saints are going to be the away team and traveling to 7-9 (Seattle, St. Louis, AZ) is kind of disgusting to me.  I realize that this will be the start of the “second season”, so anything is possible where the Saints could not get off the bus and the Seahawks advance to the second round.  That is one nice thing about the playoffs, it can be seen as a fresh start. 

I obviously started this post prior to the Tampa Bay game and the ever exciting “flex” game on NBC between St. Louis and Seattle this coming Sunday.  I cannot believe the winner of the NFC west will have a losing record.

So the debate in Seattle is whether the playoffs are actually worth it.  Meaning, lose on Sunday and get a 13th pick in April, win and get the 21st pick (or something like that).  I am not a fan of losing for draft position.  It has been proven that even the best draft position can still have teams drafting the wrong player.  I give you Rick Mirer as my evidence.  If we do make the playoffs, we could upset the Saints, but who is actually going to predict that outcome.  I feel that this years team, even with a near winning record, is worse than last years team. 

To that end, I still wish the Seachickens good luck in Sunday’s contest, they are going to need it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome back…Miguel Olivo?

I am honestly questioning this move some.  It has been awhile since he last played in Safeco, but he was a horrible hitter in this park.  If you look at what he did outside of Coors Field, that trend continues.  I think he batted .211 outside of the mile high city.  So, what makes us think he will do well in not so friendly Safeco the second time around?

Catchers seem to be our position of frustration.  No matter what, he seem to have countless issues with this role.  Rob Johnson had a hard time holding onto the ball, as well as hitting.  Adam Moore is young and unproven and also inconsistent.  Perhaps Miguel will surprise me, but I am not holding my breath.

In other moves, we signed Jake Cust to a 1-year deal.  This should be interesting, as he does have some power.  I hope that is able to shine for the Mariners in 2011.

With that, the winter meetings draw to a close for the Mariners. Onto the rest of the hot stove league. 

Friday, December 03, 2010

Bye Bye Lopez, and other notes on the Hot Stove

The Mariners have taken the initiative to trade away Lopez for a potential young arm from Colorado, Chaz Roe.  I do not know much about Chaz, but the word on the street is that he is not MLB ready. 

I view this trade as a positive.  It allows for movement on the infield.  Matt Tuiasosopo can take over at 3rd.  If that does not work out, Figgins can move over there and Ackley takes over at second base.  Of course, this all depends if we keep Figgins around.  He had his worst career last year as a professional, if we traded him, I would not miss him.  However, I think that would mean we carry his salary while he plays elsewhere.  That really puts a damper on adding room to your salary budget. 

Another positive, Chaz is young and was a previous first round pick.  That does not automatically say he will be good, but it does provide some promise. 

Ryan Rowland-Smith is gone.  He has a horrendous 2010 season, after such a promising 2009.  I like RRS, and hope the Aussie is able to land on his feat with a team that help him get back in track.  My wife and I met him at a signing back in 2009, probably one of the nicest people I met in professional sports.

We are bringing back Bedard!  He is signed to a non-guaranteed contract for 2011.  Everyone says he is healthy, so we will see how he competes for a starting job in the Spring.

Overall, a pretty good start to the Hot Stove season.