Friday, December 03, 2010

Bye Bye Lopez, and other notes on the Hot Stove

The Mariners have taken the initiative to trade away Lopez for a potential young arm from Colorado, Chaz Roe.  I do not know much about Chaz, but the word on the street is that he is not MLB ready. 

I view this trade as a positive.  It allows for movement on the infield.  Matt Tuiasosopo can take over at 3rd.  If that does not work out, Figgins can move over there and Ackley takes over at second base.  Of course, this all depends if we keep Figgins around.  He had his worst career last year as a professional, if we traded him, I would not miss him.  However, I think that would mean we carry his salary while he plays elsewhere.  That really puts a damper on adding room to your salary budget. 

Another positive, Chaz is young and was a previous first round pick.  That does not automatically say he will be good, but it does provide some promise. 

Ryan Rowland-Smith is gone.  He has a horrendous 2010 season, after such a promising 2009.  I like RRS, and hope the Aussie is able to land on his feat with a team that help him get back in track.  My wife and I met him at a signing back in 2009, probably one of the nicest people I met in professional sports.

We are bringing back Bedard!  He is signed to a non-guaranteed contract for 2011.  Everyone says he is healthy, so we will see how he competes for a starting job in the Spring.

Overall, a pretty good start to the Hot Stove season.

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