Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve football, gotta love it!

My family and I did not make the pilgrimage to Missoula this year for Christmas.  Since we did not, I was unable to attend the 22nd annual football game held every year on Christmas Eve.  This year, the long tradition received some much needed publicity as I have always felt this tradition is beyond cool.

Many friends texted me throughout the holiday weekend informing me that we made the local newspaper, the Missoulian.  Here is a link to the well written article.  As far as the physical print of the story goes, it made the front page!  How cool is that?! (The article states 23 years, but 1988 is the starting point, but perhaps my math is off)

Way to go gents with keeping the tradition alive!

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Bill said...

If Christmas 1988 was the start, then this year would have been the 23rd playing of the game. If you just do a 2010 - 1988 operation, you get 22, but that doesn't count 1988...