Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Things wrong with sports: NFC West

I had the “luxury” of watching some of the Seahawk’s game this past Sunday versus Atlanta.  I started my viewing experience as halftime was drawing to a close.  Within seconds I was able to witness Matt Hasselback get smacked in the face, fall down, and then fumble in the end zone.  On the next possession, Matt threw an interception.  Several plays later, the Falcons scored.  So, within about 4 minutes of the third quarter, what was a somewhat close game based on score was turning into a run away affair. 

Why is this “wrong” for sports?  Because the winner of the NFC West is going to be below .500.  The fact that the New Orleans Saints are going to be the away team and traveling to 7-9 (Seattle, St. Louis, AZ) is kind of disgusting to me.  I realize that this will be the start of the “second season”, so anything is possible where the Saints could not get off the bus and the Seahawks advance to the second round.  That is one nice thing about the playoffs, it can be seen as a fresh start. 

I obviously started this post prior to the Tampa Bay game and the ever exciting “flex” game on NBC between St. Louis and Seattle this coming Sunday.  I cannot believe the winner of the NFC west will have a losing record.

So the debate in Seattle is whether the playoffs are actually worth it.  Meaning, lose on Sunday and get a 13th pick in April, win and get the 21st pick (or something like that).  I am not a fan of losing for draft position.  It has been proven that even the best draft position can still have teams drafting the wrong player.  I give you Rick Mirer as my evidence.  If we do make the playoffs, we could upset the Saints, but who is actually going to predict that outcome.  I feel that this years team, even with a near winning record, is worse than last years team. 

To that end, I still wish the Seachickens good luck in Sunday’s contest, they are going to need it.

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