Friday, December 10, 2010

Welcome back…Miguel Olivo?

I am honestly questioning this move some.  It has been awhile since he last played in Safeco, but he was a horrible hitter in this park.  If you look at what he did outside of Coors Field, that trend continues.  I think he batted .211 outside of the mile high city.  So, what makes us think he will do well in not so friendly Safeco the second time around?

Catchers seem to be our position of frustration.  No matter what, he seem to have countless issues with this role.  Rob Johnson had a hard time holding onto the ball, as well as hitting.  Adam Moore is young and unproven and also inconsistent.  Perhaps Miguel will surprise me, but I am not holding my breath.

In other moves, we signed Jake Cust to a 1-year deal.  This should be interesting, as he does have some power.  I hope that is able to shine for the Mariners in 2011.

With that, the winter meetings draw to a close for the Mariners. Onto the rest of the hot stove league. 

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