Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fountain Lady

I normally don't comment on this since it only stresses what the person is trying to accomplish, publicity; however, I am going to make an exception.

If you have not seen the footage, here is a link. (I believe this video is of the security company laughing at her.) I heard she is suing. At first, I thought she was suing the mall for "improper fountain location". However, she is suing the security company for releasing the video.

Suing is not answer. I understand her frustration that security personnel took it upon themselves to release this video. My guess, this is a clear violation of the company ethics code, or at least it should be. I feel that suing is a bit much and the security company should take the initiative and fire/reprimand the employee that released the video. Perhaps, to add to this, perform the reprimand in a public setting. Perhaps with some nifty press release that states the employees name. I truly wish our society was not be setup in a manner where legal action is the first move. Rather, just address the security company and ask them to make a formal apology and take of the employees responsible.

I find it ironic that someone who is clearly embarrassed by this, goes on a program like Good Morning America. You knew they were going to show the video, so why go on a morning program, watched by many, and express how upset you are about the release of the video. My only thought is that she is making the most of her 15 minutes. Perhaps she too can be a guest DJ on next years "New Years Rockin' Eve".

What I want to see most from here is a smile. You have to admit, this is hysterical and she deserves a bit of laughter at her expense. I heard there is a second video ready to surface where she falls down a manhole while attempting to chew bubble gum.

To aid those too lazy to click the link above, I have provided an embedded copy of the video.

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