Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first MacBook!

Attending sales conferences does have an upside.  Last week, I attended my company’s sales conference to which approximately 20 Apple MacBook Air’s and 30 iPad’s were “tossed” into the crowd of attendees.  Reasons being for random drawings or correct answers to pop quiz questions.  I was one of the lucky recipients of an Air.

I have been debating about the use of a laptop as my primary machine for some time.  Primarily, I have no need for a robust desktop machine draining power from the world for the potential to play Duke Nukem or Quake or whatever the top FPS reigns supreme of the PC gaming world.  My primary use is browsing, iTunes, Office products and TurboTax.  None of these applications are defined as graphically intense.  Plus, I now have a Kinect/Xbox to take out my gaming needs, I still love Maddens.

The “Air”, in my opinion, is not equipped to be a primary machine but I am going to give it the ole college try.  It is nice and quick; however does require connectivity to take advantage of the lack of options the device itself offers.  The flash memory allows for quick boot and quick operation.  Mine is the base model, so I would recommend a 4 GB RAM upgrade if you are considering this way of life.  I will say, the 2 GB has not been a problem yet.  And, thanks to the technology my company offers, this device can be used in a corporate world.  I use my virtual Windows desktop on a regular basis.

Another reason I was considering a laptop was for mobile blogging.  The Live suite of free apps from Microsoft is a rather nice addition to my Windows 7 machine.  I used the Live Writer for all blog work in 2010.  Now, my machine is going to be a copy and paste from Word to the Blogger website, not ideal but something I can live with.  There are blog programs that tie nicely into the Blogger site; however, they are pay for applications that I am still trying out the free trials.

I am doing what I can to make this small, lightweight and quick MacBook as my primary machine.  So far so good, but uncertain as to what I should do with my iTunes library that currently sits on my Win7 machine.  I will do some random posts throughout the year as to how this device is treating me from a permanent standpoint.

I am enjoying the ride on the Air!

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