Thursday, January 20, 2011

Testing with Blogo

Another random post, this time with Blogo. MarsEdit was not great with the copy and paste from Word. The reason I am testing that is because of my poor grammar. I would like to blame instant messaging or texting to the demise of my English language. But I feel it is safe to say, it was never stellar to begin with.

Blogo deals with the copy and paste from Word nicely. MarsEdit showed a need to pull in some of the extra formatting that is normally hidden behind the scenes. Blogo also pulled down my categories so those do not need to be recreated, something that MarsEdit did as well.

In doing some more digging, Blogo does have a grammar check that I just enabled. I will see how this works out as I may have a new front runner for a blog program. The overall look and feel of the interface is not ideal, but will get the job the done. Another strike against blogo, is the lack of font choice, or I may not have looked hard enough.

I will keep plugging away, but so far Blogo is my choice.

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