Sunday, January 09, 2011

Who Dat?

That was one hell of a game for the Hawks.  Being a typical Seattle fan, I entered the game with low expectations but aware that the Hawks would compete and keep it close.  Little did I know they would out play the champs.

The NBC broadcast was like a broken record beating a dead horse.  They mentioned the “losing” regular season about 78 times during the telecast.  But, entering that game yesterday, both teams were 0-0.  As they say, any given Sunday…or Saturday.

I am not sure who we draw for round 2, however, I feel we will still keep it a competitive game.  We have nothing to lose, no one is expecting nor predicting success from the Seahawks, including most of the locals.

Most of the talk on the radio this season has centered around who should play Quarterback.  Yesterday was perhaps Hasselback’s best game in the last 3 years.  He looked like the 12 year veteran (12 years, I think I heard that only once during the broadcast) and leader that he is for this team.  There will always be doubters in any given fan base, but Matt rose to the challenge and put the team on his shoulders.  Say what you want, but Matt is a competitor.  Of course he throws interceptions from time to time, but he is also someone trying to make a tackle too.  I wonder how many other QB’s out there hustle after their own mistakes.  Or even sometimes try to beat running backs to the end zone for a celebration. 

The run my Marshawn Lynch was, in a word, awesome!  I honestly have nothing else to say.  I was speechless during the run, speechless now as well. 

I don’t want to jinx anything, but yesterday’s game provided the level of excitement similar to that from the 1983 run to the AFC championship game.  In that year, the Hawks jumped all over the Denver Broncos to win 31-7 in the wild card game.  The next game, Seattle traveled to Miami to take on the Dolphins  and defeated Marino and cast 20-27.  The last game, took us to LA to face a team the Hawks had defeated twice during the regular season.  Sadly, Seattle’s first ever playoff run ended at the hands of Marcus Allen 30-14.  I hope the outcome is different this year should we make the NFC championship game.  However, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, we still need a solid victory next week.

Good luck in round 2! 

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