Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jake Locker is overrated

There, I said it.

I have bit my tongue for awhile.  Jake Locker was a very good college quarterback for the University of Washington.  I always felt that he had an Alex Smith quality to him.  Sports Talk radio in the area was hoping for a round 1 selection of Jake to the NFL, this is beyond ambitious in my book.  To their credit, they are starting to come around to a round 2 or potential round 3 selection.

It would be in the best interest of most NFL franchises to select him in rounds 5 or higher.  He is going to need to develop patiences and pose to be success in the NFL.  This is not trying to be a knock on Jake, but rather the blinded dawg fan that feels this kid is going to save a franchise.  The amount by fans to push the Seahawks to draft Locker is amazing.  At this current time, Jake would not be able to hold Matt Hasselback's jock strap, let alone lead the Seachickens to victory.

Sure, he will play and probably win a game or two, but as of right now I do not feel he is NFL ready.  Look for Jake to hit a stride by years 3 and 4 in the NFL.

The Battle for Shortstop and some pitching news

Jack Wilson and Brendan Ryan are officially competing for the starting shortstop position.  I feel this is a good thing. Ryan is five years younger than Wilson and does not come with the tag line "when healthy".  I think this is very important in a physically demanding position of shortstop. I would rather see Ryan at SS and Wilson at 2B, but that is just me.  Career batting average does not make the separation any easier, with both of them around .255.

Don't be surprised if Ackley makes his debut in June.  He probably won't break camp with the team.  After all, no one is predicting this team to do squat this year so no reason to rush his major league service time. So that means we will win 100+ games and make a run at the post season...just kidding.  The reason for my logic above, is that Ackley could be called up in June, and Wilson traded by July 31st.  This type of scenario makes sense to me.  I want the smallest amount of "when healthy" players on my team.  Youthful, longterm approach to the middle infield wins points with me any day.

Michael Pineda is one of the hot topics for the Mariners this Spring.  He is a killer pitcher with great potential that has rocketed through the minors.  However, it appears that June is the earliest we could see Michael make his Safeco debut.  The debut of both Ackley and Pineda appears to be contact driven rather than talent.  If they break camp with the team, they lose a year of guaranteed service in the Mariner organization.  The rule around this is called "Super Two"".

I cannot wait for this season to begin.  The Mariners have nothing to lose this year.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kindle: Year 2

It has been 2 years since the second generation Kindle has graced me with its presence.  I must say, I am not sure what I would do on work trips without this handy device.  I give the device all the credit for my interest in reading.  Apparently, I was never into the "old school" method of reading words on paper, but rather liquid paper.  Under my own admission, I have read more books in the last 2 years than in high school and college...combined.  If that is not a sad picture of my education, I am not sure what is.  I am sure that could explain the usual lack of filler words or the occasion dyslexic wording on my blog.  Better yet, the general lack of proper grammar and tense.  (Or, too much caffeine in ones diet could be to blame.)

Just complete the two of the three books in the "The Girl who..." series.  I am always open to a good suspense novel.  I have a couple of reference books on the device and do pose a challenge.  In the case of reference material, I would like to...well...easily reference something.  Providing highlights and virtual dog ears are a nice way to do this, however, the feeling of "I read something about that right around here..." is missing.  Of course, that may also depend on the reference that you choose to read.

One that already has considerable issues with clutter based upon my rather numerous, and now nearly worthless, sports card collection, the lack of physical material is awesome.  I have ready many books over the two years and the space on my bookshelf has not changed.  I bet all you "Twilight" readers would kill for this reading medium.

Here is to the start of a successful year 3!

BOTW: update

I have done some tasting around different parts of the states recently, Billings, MT and Atlanta, GA.  I plan on providing a few BOTW entries in the coming days.  However, I hope to add photos of the beer as well. I have enlisted the work of the free program Evernote.  They have an iPhone, iPad, MAC and PC (and I am sure Android) client that sych's in the "cloud".  So instead of trying to type on the phone keyboard a complete blog entry, I take a few notes, snap a pic and synch to my account.  The next time I log into my MAC/PC the application syncs up easily allowing to effortless put my thoughts and photos on the blog.

So effortlessly I have yet to do it..but stay tuned.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Town to change name to Nate, MT

The news has hit the airways.  A few days after father Joe visited Missoula, Nate Montana will be transferring from Notre Dame to Missoula.  Normally, this type of news would be met with great exuberance, however, Nate's stats are below average.  I am sure his name carries a fair amount of weight, however I would expect more than the linked stats.

He has a troubled collegiate career.  It is this fan's hope that he is able to turn things around.  I am not sure what "promises" were made to create this transfer: starting role?  I am not the best follower of Griz football, especially when it comes to who we recruit and the starting lineup.  However, this news may reinvigorate me to start a practice of following my alma-mater closer.  Sure, I follow game results, but my account at egriz.com is probably long since expired.

Good luck Nick!


(FYI, the title of this post is not to be believed, unlike this one)


***Update, I did have NIck in here instead of Nate, thank you Bill.  I blame the Montana's for naming their kids with similar names.

Pitchers and catchers reporting, along with Griffey

About time!  A sign that spring is not that far away...I hope.

The Mariners have a few question marks.  One of them is in left field.  Milton Bradley will be competing for a spot against Michael Saunders.  The rest of the field is fairly well known.  Smoak at first, Ackley (mid season) Adam Kennedy at second, Wilson at shortstop, Figgins at third and Olivo behind the plate.  We will have our mainstays in Gutierrez and Ichiro in center and right field respectively.

The pitching could have a few issues.  As of today, we do not have a set closer nor a known fifth starter.  I was hoping that Josh Fields would be making his MLB debut this year as the closer, but his failure to put together a solid season in the minors is hurting his progress.  The fifth starter does appear to be a mystery.  Here is what we do know, Felix, Vargas, Bedard (fingers crossed) and Fister should be how the rotation begins.

I hope that Wedge is able to bring everyone together for a solid season.  I am putting a fair amount of confidence in a .500 year.

On the topic of good news for Seattle, Griffey plans on playing some "consultant" type of role with the organization.  I am pleased to see his loyalty remain with the Mariners.  I hope that the "Griffey day of celebration" is a game in which I can attend.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bring on Baseball!

Now that ridiculous sport of football has come to a close, time to move onto baseball!  I have been checking my Yahoo fantasy baseball site for the past 2 days for a sign up notice.  I cannot wait to defend my third place finish.  Or course, I should do some research this year to better my placement.  Time and life seem to get in the way of some good ole fashion stat mining.

Quick update:  I started this blog post on Monday, then work got in the way.  Surprisingly, Yahoo! opened registration and we have our league setup with already 5 of our teams from last year.  Clearly, I am not alone in my excitement for baseball.  I realize the post is short so the irony of not having this complete in one day is not lost on me.  However, I wanted more content, and now I have.

Bring on pitchers and catchers!

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Electric Mowers...really?

I am on the cusp of lawn maintenance change.  I am starting to be convinced by a member of my household that an electric mower is something to consider.  My old mower is a complete mess.  I have done minimal maintenance, but it seems to have reached a point where it needs to be put out of it's misery.

So, my question to my readers and perhaps my readers friends:  Should I journey down this path?  If so, what model?  I have followed the Neuton for a couple years now with great interest.  I know that most major hardware stores carry an electric model that is fairly lost cost.  Those seem to have mixed reviews about longevity.

There has also been the idea of grabbing a push mower.  You know, those old metal ones with about 4 lines of twisted metal to do the cutting.  I like manual labor, sometimes, but this method might be too "green" for what I would like to accomplish.

So, there it is, a request from my loyal following for feedback.  If you, or you know someone, that uses an electric mower, please let me know how that is working out.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Blogging app bake off winner: MarsEdit

It was a close race between MarsEdit and Blogo.  Blogo lost me when out of nowhere it informed of me I had no internet access, when clearly there was.  It was a bit disappointing but something that fell right in line with most of the comments I later read.

Neither application allows for a wizard mode for a table insert, like LiveWriter.  I only use tables to show off worthless baseball statistics in some sort of comparison model.  I guess I can make due with bulleted lists, or better yet, re-learn HTML.  The last time I edited HTML was in Notepad for a friend's fantasy football page.  He was my one, and only, client.  Needless to say the payments of beer did not impress my landlord.  Also this was back in '97.

The interface for MarsEdit is fairly simple, no glitz nor glamour.  It is straightforward and plugs right into Blogger and their templates.  It does allow for multiple drafts to be saved, something Blogo seemed to lack.

That is all, just wanted to close that loop as I know it was the source of many sleepless nights for some.


BOTW: Avery Brewing Company, IPA

The BOTW has not surfaced for a long time. I am sure many of my readers consider this hobby extinct; however that is not the case. I had an opportunity to hit a town I have never been to before, at least of age, Boulder, CO. I sampled and enjoyed the Avery IPA.

This is what an IPA should be, a hoppy blast that about knocks you off your bar stool. It reminds of those lame spearmint mouth wash ads were the mouth wash is visualized as some refreshing river of spearmint goodness. However, instead of spearmint, I had visions of hoppy and bitter goodness. (By no means is this beer close to the taste of mouthwash. I wanted to put the visual that was running through my mind at the time of consumption). It took all of 3 seconds for the hoppy wall to crash upon my taste buds and it was well worth the wait. Not soon after, the bitterness subsided and the beer returned to some naturally good flavors.

I give this beer a rating of: "very drinkable". However, if you have any taste aversion to IPA's, this is one to avoid.

On a side note, I have a neighbor that is a killer hobby brewer.  As the brewing engine starts to get rolling at home, I plan on using BOTW liberally in the future. (Beer of the Week for you newbies).