Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Battle for Shortstop and some pitching news

Jack Wilson and Brendan Ryan are officially competing for the starting shortstop position.  I feel this is a good thing. Ryan is five years younger than Wilson and does not come with the tag line "when healthy".  I think this is very important in a physically demanding position of shortstop. I would rather see Ryan at SS and Wilson at 2B, but that is just me.  Career batting average does not make the separation any easier, with both of them around .255.

Don't be surprised if Ackley makes his debut in June.  He probably won't break camp with the team.  After all, no one is predicting this team to do squat this year so no reason to rush his major league service time. So that means we will win 100+ games and make a run at the post season...just kidding.  The reason for my logic above, is that Ackley could be called up in June, and Wilson traded by July 31st.  This type of scenario makes sense to me.  I want the smallest amount of "when healthy" players on my team.  Youthful, longterm approach to the middle infield wins points with me any day.

Michael Pineda is one of the hot topics for the Mariners this Spring.  He is a killer pitcher with great potential that has rocketed through the minors.  However, it appears that June is the earliest we could see Michael make his Safeco debut.  The debut of both Ackley and Pineda appears to be contact driven rather than talent.  If they break camp with the team, they lose a year of guaranteed service in the Mariner organization.  The rule around this is called "Super Two"".

I cannot wait for this season to begin.  The Mariners have nothing to lose this year.

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