Friday, February 04, 2011

Blogging app bake off winner: MarsEdit

It was a close race between MarsEdit and Blogo.  Blogo lost me when out of nowhere it informed of me I had no internet access, when clearly there was.  It was a bit disappointing but something that fell right in line with most of the comments I later read.

Neither application allows for a wizard mode for a table insert, like LiveWriter.  I only use tables to show off worthless baseball statistics in some sort of comparison model.  I guess I can make due with bulleted lists, or better yet, re-learn HTML.  The last time I edited HTML was in Notepad for a friend's fantasy football page.  He was my one, and only, client.  Needless to say the payments of beer did not impress my landlord.  Also this was back in '97.

The interface for MarsEdit is fairly simple, no glitz nor glamour.  It is straightforward and plugs right into Blogger and their templates.  It does allow for multiple drafts to be saved, something Blogo seemed to lack.

That is all, just wanted to close that loop as I know it was the source of many sleepless nights for some.


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