Friday, February 04, 2011

BOTW: Avery Brewing Company, IPA

The BOTW has not surfaced for a long time. I am sure many of my readers consider this hobby extinct; however that is not the case. I had an opportunity to hit a town I have never been to before, at least of age, Boulder, CO. I sampled and enjoyed the Avery IPA.

This is what an IPA should be, a hoppy blast that about knocks you off your bar stool. It reminds of those lame spearmint mouth wash ads were the mouth wash is visualized as some refreshing river of spearmint goodness. However, instead of spearmint, I had visions of hoppy and bitter goodness. (By no means is this beer close to the taste of mouthwash. I wanted to put the visual that was running through my mind at the time of consumption). It took all of 3 seconds for the hoppy wall to crash upon my taste buds and it was well worth the wait. Not soon after, the bitterness subsided and the beer returned to some naturally good flavors.

I give this beer a rating of: "very drinkable". However, if you have any taste aversion to IPA's, this is one to avoid.

On a side note, I have a neighbor that is a killer hobby brewer.  As the brewing engine starts to get rolling at home, I plan on using BOTW liberally in the future. (Beer of the Week for you newbies).

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