Friday, February 11, 2011

Bring on Baseball!

Now that ridiculous sport of football has come to a close, time to move onto baseball!  I have been checking my Yahoo fantasy baseball site for the past 2 days for a sign up notice.  I cannot wait to defend my third place finish.  Or course, I should do some research this year to better my placement.  Time and life seem to get in the way of some good ole fashion stat mining.

Quick update:  I started this blog post on Monday, then work got in the way.  Surprisingly, Yahoo! opened registration and we have our league setup with already 5 of our teams from last year.  Clearly, I am not alone in my excitement for baseball.  I realize the post is short so the irony of not having this complete in one day is not lost on me.  However, I wanted more content, and now I have.

Bring on pitchers and catchers!

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