Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jake Locker is overrated

There, I said it.

I have bit my tongue for awhile.  Jake Locker was a very good college quarterback for the University of Washington.  I always felt that he had an Alex Smith quality to him.  Sports Talk radio in the area was hoping for a round 1 selection of Jake to the NFL, this is beyond ambitious in my book.  To their credit, they are starting to come around to a round 2 or potential round 3 selection.

It would be in the best interest of most NFL franchises to select him in rounds 5 or higher.  He is going to need to develop patiences and pose to be success in the NFL.  This is not trying to be a knock on Jake, but rather the blinded dawg fan that feels this kid is going to save a franchise.  The amount by fans to push the Seahawks to draft Locker is amazing.  At this current time, Jake would not be able to hold Matt Hasselback's jock strap, let alone lead the Seachickens to victory.

Sure, he will play and probably win a game or two, but as of right now I do not feel he is NFL ready.  Look for Jake to hit a stride by years 3 and 4 in the NFL.

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Bill said...

Fully agree. Wait a year and get Luck from Standford. He's a franchise QB.