Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pitchers and catchers reporting, along with Griffey

About time!  A sign that spring is not that far away...I hope.

The Mariners have a few question marks.  One of them is in left field.  Milton Bradley will be competing for a spot against Michael Saunders.  The rest of the field is fairly well known.  Smoak at first, Ackley (mid season) Adam Kennedy at second, Wilson at shortstop, Figgins at third and Olivo behind the plate.  We will have our mainstays in Gutierrez and Ichiro in center and right field respectively.

The pitching could have a few issues.  As of today, we do not have a set closer nor a known fifth starter.  I was hoping that Josh Fields would be making his MLB debut this year as the closer, but his failure to put together a solid season in the minors is hurting his progress.  The fifth starter does appear to be a mystery.  Here is what we do know, Felix, Vargas, Bedard (fingers crossed) and Fister should be how the rotation begins.

I hope that Wedge is able to bring everyone together for a solid season.  I am putting a fair amount of confidence in a .500 year.

On the topic of good news for Seattle, Griffey plans on playing some "consultant" type of role with the organization.  I am pleased to see his loyalty remain with the Mariners.  I hope that the "Griffey day of celebration" is a game in which I can attend.

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