Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Town to change name to Nate, MT

The news has hit the airways.  A few days after father Joe visited Missoula, Nate Montana will be transferring from Notre Dame to Missoula.  Normally, this type of news would be met with great exuberance, however, Nate's stats are below average.  I am sure his name carries a fair amount of weight, however I would expect more than the linked stats.

He has a troubled collegiate career.  It is this fan's hope that he is able to turn things around.  I am not sure what "promises" were made to create this transfer: starting role?  I am not the best follower of Griz football, especially when it comes to who we recruit and the starting lineup.  However, this news may reinvigorate me to start a practice of following my alma-mater closer.  Sure, I follow game results, but my account at egriz.com is probably long since expired.

Good luck Nick!


(FYI, the title of this post is not to be believed, unlike this one)


***Update, I did have NIck in here instead of Nate, thank you Bill.  I blame the Montana's for naming their kids with similar names.

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Bill said...

Nate Montana, not Nick. Nick is a Husky. Two TDa and five INTs for Pasadena? Please start him! It will be fun to watch both Montanas go down in flames next year :)

Go Cats!
Go Ducks!