Tuesday, April 26, 2011

NCAA sanctions: Why punish an entire school?

Let me begin by stating I am not an Ohio State fan, I don't necessary dislike them, but not a fan.  Jim Tressel's latest gaff will cost OSU some games, scholarships and potenial bowl appearances in the future.  Why does the NCAA insist on punishing future players and the entire school for the gaff of a handful of idiots?

Jim Tressel, I think, makes somewhere close to $3.5 million dollars a year to win football games.  The NCAA should fine him directly for everything they can prove.  Fine him $1 million and cut the five players involved.  However, if history is any indicator, none of that will happen.  Instead, OSU will face a loss of scholarships, and potential bowl appearances.  So, a player two years from now that had nothing to do with the issue, is not going to be able to play in a bowl game.  Why would anyone want to go to OSU? Prestige can only last so long.

Instead, take care of Tressel.  Go after those that are directly involved.  Force Trussel to wear a huge black eye for the rest of his career with a fine and punish him with loss of scholarships and bowl eligibility, wherever he may land.  This would go for any coach involved in current or future investigations.  Rather than make the school take the hit for a stupid coach, make the stupid acts of a coach remain on his resume for years to come.  What OSU might do to help with any public relations image issue is fire Tressel.  Then again, they might not fire him, which I would actually support.  Why fire him when he can go coach at another school with full scholarships and open bowl eligibility.  Schools will be waiting in line for Tressel, based upon his long successful history in the NCAA.  A lot of schools will choose to overlook this issue for the dollars he could bring to a program.  Only punish the entire school if the chain on knowledge does go directly to the top.

NCAA, please don't take away wins.  I see this to be a stupid, slap on the wrist punishment.  Why should OSU have to forfeit wins from the past season?  What does this actually prove?  Why punish the past for something today, does not make sense to me.  I will say, to this past punishment, Reggie Bush is a great example.  By forfeiting his Heisman trophy, he took away all controversy.  I see his actions as spot on since he was a direct recipient of benefits from USC.  Koodos to Reggie for the way he quickly delt with his past college controversy.

I think the NCAA prohibition situation needs to change.  I do not like how schools are punished, while a coach can get fired and then hired someplace else with no consequences.  Sure, he may hear something from the crowd, but he will still make his millions as his new institution.

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Bill said...

They should take back that 2010 Rose Bowl "win"...

Go Ducks!