Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rough Start

My mood to blog this season has been anything but excited.  I am currently watching the M's lead Detroit 6-1 and I am fearful that we will find a way to blow it.  I sure hope not.

Felix looked great in the opener, but has been anything but the Cy Young winner in his last couple of starts.  I am sure this is temporary, but still worrisome.

As a team, we are below double digit home runs.  There are individuals in the league who have more home runs than this team.

On a bright note, Michael Pineda has looked great!  He has faltered toward the end of his starts, but has looked really good and continues to shine. It is the hope that Felix can turn things around and we will have a great 1-2 punch.  We need that great punch, since Bedard has fallen flat.  It was hoping for Bedard to pull it out this year, but his first 3 starts have been pretty poor.

The season is still young and teams like the Indians and Royals are leading the Central...what is happening in the world?  Are all those #1 picks finally working out? I wish the same could be said for the Mariners.

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