Sunday, June 12, 2011

The most meaningful NBA title, ever

Sure, that name is a bit much, but given the spectacle that Lebron produced last off season I feel it is very accurate.  Let it be known that I have not followed the NBA since 1998, and have lost all reason to follow the NBA when the Thunder made their debut.

If Lebron and company would have captured the title, how empty would that have felt?  It would have felt manufactured if the outcome would have been reversed.  Think of how dry the Yankee titles seem to be (for those non-fans) since they already have the highest payroll.  I think this shows that heart goes a long ways!  Plus, Cuban was one of two owners to vote agianst the Sonics departure.

i dedicate this blog to those titles that provide great stories lines, not evil ones.  I think the Giants and Rangers World Series 2010 run demonstrates heart and dedication.   The Rangers, in bankruptcy looking for buyers, became the best team in the AL.  The Giants, in second to last place in July represents the NL and completes the run with the title.  I am sure ratings for the WS were less than previous, however the storyline was unbeatable.  The drama was more along the lines of "warm and fuzzies" while Lebron brings a hatred to those that value loyalty.  It seems that turmoil and debate always bring out the voyeurs in all of us.

I raise a glass to Dirk and the rest of the Mavs that produced a title for a town that has long ached for one even before Dale Ellis was traded.  Cheers.

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