Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can this get any worse?!

Of course it can, but how bad is it really.  So bad the Mariners make the back page of the Wall Street Journal.  With the awesome headline "It's Been a Futile Run for the Seattle Mariners".  In the first 14 games in July, they are averaging 1.86 runs per game.  If that does not change, they will have the 6th worst run average month in the history of baseball.  That is over 100+ years of baseball.  That is how bad baseball, or at least hitting, is in Seattle.

Who is worse than the Mariners?  Taking the lead spot are the 1963 Houston Colt .45s with an average of 1.55 runs for June of that year.  Here is the article if you can spare 45 seconds of laughter.

With the looming trade deadline, the Mariners will not be sellers nor buyers.  Right now, we are just looking for respect.  There has been talk of Prince Fielder, not a chance, at least in July.  Perhaps Jack Z can work some magic in the offseason to bring a strong left handed bat to the lineup.  Of course, you will also have to protect him in the batting order or we still won't see decent run production.  I am not sure of others in the mix. Alex Gordon is finally living up to his prospect hype, but we are trying our hand with a rookie in the hot corner in Kyle Seager.  He has yet to make any impact on the majors, unlike Ackley who is at least trying to produce.

Pitching is a completely other story.  Pineda has done well (however he faltered against the Jay earlier tonight).  Felix is pitching well, but not like his Cy Young year.  Bedard has been a mild surprise, as well as Fister and Vargas.  They are bending, but are about to break.  I am not sure how long the pitchers will put up with the lack of support at the plate.

As of tonight, we are on a 10 game losing streak.  I don't have the answer.  Poor base running and relaxing in the field led to the Jays come from behind victory.  We really need to pull our heads out. If the A's can win, why can't we?

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