Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hot Stove

So, here I sit looking at a blog that has not been updated since July.  Needless to say, the M's did not give me much to write about.  However, we are now in the wonderful Hot Stove time in the offseason.  Here are a few notes that I have about some moves that would benefit this team.

1. Drop Figgins like a sack of laundry.  We will do this by eating about half to two-thirds of his salary.  I am fine with this type of strategy.  He has been one of the biggest signing busts in Seattle history.  (Dan McGuire just breathed a large sigh of relief).  The Rockies sound like the only team that is remotely interested.  Great, send him packing and send us some 3B talent in return.

2. Trade Ichiro after you sign Fielder.  This is only way to make this move "PR friendly".  I have said it before that Ichiro is paid way too much to hit singles and not score.  I do not think that we can afford Fielder, Ichiro and Felix salaries in 2012.

3. Sign someone that can hit with power from the left side.  I state Fielder in the above entry, simply because he is the largest (pardon the pun) name on the market today.  Right now, we just need to get on base, with a few people that can drive in runs.  We were one of, if not, the worst offensive team last season.  Bringing Fielder into the mix starts the whole "Who's on first?" debate in Seattle.  Beltre can tell you how difficult Safeco is for right handers, so we need a power left handed hitter and a .280+ right hand hitter.  I am sure we could find someone in the .280 range fairly cheaply with an OBP somewhere around .350.  Ackley lead the M's last year in OBP with a whopper .348 and 5th in SLG with .417.  SLG might be more importlant, but if someone does land on 3B, someone else needs to find a way to drive them home.  The Mariners were last in the league in R, H, RBIs, AVG, OBP and SLG.  That is embarassing.  We have to do something this offseason.

4. Bring up the talent.  It was nice to see Ackley, Smoak and Seagers play last year, but we need to make true commitments here.  I don't think it is fair to Felix and the fans to pay him 20 Million this year and claim that we are still "rebuilding".  Following through on 1 and 3 from above should help.  Smoak has been a semi nice addition; however, should Fielder sign (unlikely) Smoak then becomes trade bait.  He was probably more valuable as a propect in the Rangers system than someone that seems to lack the power he was advertised as possessing.  Of course, there must be some "Safeco Field delta" added to most scouting reports.  Ackley was exciting to watch and has the ability to do very welll for this team.  Robinson was a nice acquision around the trade deadline as well.  Perhaps we can build on his speed and talent in the outfield.

Another hot stove, and yet another "we must do something".  The fan base was burned by the Lee and Figgins signings couple yeasr back.  We will own cautious optimism as we wait and see what Jack Z plans on doing.

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