Sunday, March 04, 2012

Let the old man drink

Perhaps I need to come up with a new blog name.  As of now, my focus for this blog falls under random.  Any blog posts that would fall under enthusiasm appear to be at the back of my mind.  I am still a Mariner fan and forever will be, however my life is something I know more about than trying to conjure up ways to make Figgins better or improve our trades.

We took on a second dog at Christmas of last year. My wonderful in-laws provided us a new German Shepherd puppy named Hawk.  Overall, the experience has been good, but challenging at times.  If you know our older dog, Basil, he is a complete couch potato and generally loves everyone and everything.  To date, Hawk and Basil are still working out the kinks in this newly created sibling relationship.

We are taking as many steps to put Hawk in his place, largely do to the fact that adult German Shepherds have staring roles on shows like "Cops" for running down and biting other people.  By far, a GSD, is not a first time owners sort of pet.

Much like his aging sibling (Basil turned 8 on Feb 29th) he loves food.  He is overly excited at chow time, so much so that he can barely contain himself.   Every time after Basil eats, he drinks water and the same goes for Hawk.  However, we want Basil to have dibs on the water bowl, so I make every attempt to make sure that Basil has uninterrupted drinking time.  Hawk seems to get this ritual now. To the point where I only need to do is utter the words "let the old man drink" and he backs away until Basil is done.

Now, if he would stop eating his own poop, we would be in good shape.


Ryan Graff said...

Nice post, Josh. When I saw the title, I figured it was something you told Van when he started asking too many questions or something...

Josh said...

Thanks Ryan! How are things with your Boxer?

You are not alone with your thoughts on the title. I makes me laugh!